The Solidarity March

We walk to welcome refugees.

We also walk to demand freedom of circulation and establishment for the refugees arriving in Europe,

and particularly the end of the blocking of both the franco-italian border (in Ventimiglia) and the franco-british one (in Calais)

Refugees Welcome!

Let them through!

By walking, we also affirm our solidarity with refugees.

We demand the opening of real welcome centers for all arriving refugees and also demand that our solidarity stops being seen and often judged  as a crime by the authorities and for our humanitarian help to stop being discouraged by those same authorities.

When and where?

The Solidarity March begins on April 30 in Ventimiglia (Italian border) and ends on July 8 in London.

Besides promoting the welcome of refugees, this march of over 1 000 miles over a duration of more than 2 months aims to highlight the work and actions of citizens, local associations and collectives helping the refugees in their area, in each of the 60 stopovers, including the one in London, and to create new dialogue with a wider audience.

The March will also be a fund-raiser and aims to encourage local people all along the way to collect material donations (clothes, blankets, shoes…) for the refugees.

Who and How?

Organisation and program :

The organiser of the March is l’Auberge des Migrants , in partnership with la Roya Citoyenne, and many local relays all along the way. HelpRefugees, along with other British groups, will coordinate an event for the London arrival.

Itinerary, calendar and daily schedule :

The March starts from Ventimiglia on April 30 and ends in London on July 8. There are 60 stopovers, including Nice, Marseille, Lyon, Dijon, Paris, Lille and Calais.

To see the map and the list of stopovers:

Each day will be generally as follows: Departure around 9:30AM , arrival at 4:30PM. Average distance walked each day is 12 to 15 miles.

Local relays : At each stopover town, local groups are helping. They have organized the itinerary through town, have found us accommodation, a place to cook,  and have also put together a meeting with citizens, a concert , a debate, a movie… sometimes small and sometimes large, every evening  event will be different. Local media will be present.

Participants :

Participants are the men and women who have pre-registered on this website and paid a fee (this fee covers the cost of accommodation, food and insurance). There will be a possibility to register the night before for the next day, with a maximum of 50 people registered.

These official participants will be joined by locals at the entrance of the stopover towns. Folks not requiring food or accommodation are also welcome to participate and walk with us during the day.

Minors MUST be accompanied by an adult at ALL times.

The March on the road :

When walking on roads, one van with a sound system will precede the walkers, and another vehicle will close the march. We expect the police to often accompany us. There will be a first aid kit available.  When walking on paths, a vehicle will always stay on call close by in case someone can no longer walk. Emergency phone numbers will be available.

During the day, major thoroughfares will be avoided. We will travel on smaller roads and on walking paths when available, then take a main road at the entrance of the stopover town in order to announce our arrival.

I wish to participate in the March

I wish to sponsor a walker

Accommodation and meals :

Accommodation will vary daily: in some places, we will be housed by local citizens, in others  we will pitch tents in a city campground or on  private land. Organizers are providing tents and cooking equipment. One team will do the shopping, prepare the arrival by pitching the tents and start the evening meal. In the mornings, it will prepare the breakfast and a picnic for the walking group and will clean up after its departure.

Personal belongings to bring:

Participants MUST bring a sleeping bag, pillow, change of clothes, toiletries and anything to make your march comfortable. A list will be provided after registration. You will only be required to carry a day pack with you. The rest can be transported by van.

I wish to make a donation

Insurance :

All registered and paying participants will be automatically considered members of l’Auberge and therefore insured. All others joining us will be doing so under their own responsibility.

I wish to register for the March