We are in a constant struggle against the authorities in order to provide aid to the increasing number of migrants in Calais in a dignified manner, but we’ve started running low on some important items. We would love to receive material donations from you!

The best way to get donations to us is by organising your own collection, then bringing your donations to us at our warehouse.


Where do your donations go?

We distribute around 10,000 items each week in camps in the North of France and Paris. Most of these are items of clothing donated by individuals. When we run low on certain items, we have to buy them so that no one is deprived of their basic needs.

We adapt our approach to the situation of the people concerned.

We visit each shelter at the Grand-Synthe refugee camp individually in order to find out what is needed. We have an individualised order system, which means we can respond to residents’ needs in the most effective way possible. Our warehouse stock allows us to offer a choice of clothes and items. There is also a washing machine available to residents living at the camp. Our main aims are to replace broken shoes and clothes, to make sure new arrivals have everything they need, to give out hygiene items, and to make people are as comfortable as they can be. We also give out kitchen utensils which enable families to cook independently.

Calais is in a desperate situation at the moment, and we are only able to distribute bundled items during night time distributions. People living on the streets of Calais are in a precarious situation and find it difficult to keep their possessions dry. We have to distribute items regularly in order to make sure they are kept warm and dry. We work with Utopia 56 to clean and dry sleeping bags, to avoid waste.

We work with Terre d’Errance and Utopia 56 in Paris and Norrent-Fontes, distributing items in camps there.


Our needs

Our stocks are currently at a very low level. We are unable to respond to some needs, mainly mens shoes and small mens clothes. In this situation we have to ask people with broken shoes or clothes to wait. We are in need of donations to offer aid to the growing numbers of people in Calais and Grand-Synthe.

Here is our list of needs:

  • Unblocked mobile phones with chargers
  • Hand warmers
  • Trousers and jogging bottoms for men – sizes 28 and 30
  • Torches
  • Thick blankets
  • Sleeping bags
  • Camping mats
  • Small and medium waterproof coats
  • Trainers and walking boots, sizes 40-44
  • Small and medium mens underwear
  • Hats, gloves, and scarves for men
  • Deodorant
  • Toilet paper
  • Nappies – only size 6

You can find the complete list here:


Get in touch for more information: dons.aubergedesmigrants@gmail.com

Thank you for your help!