Our actions

Our warehouse is a humanitarian platform that brings together eight partners and hosts several dozen volunteers who bring our missions to life every day. By providing logistical and legal support, as well as a political relay to its partners, our objective is to help displaced people in the most sustainable and comprehensive way possible.

Food and material distributions

We organise daily distributions in Calais and Grande-Synthe, in order to cover several basic needs for displaced people in Calais and the surrounding region:

 Hot meals & food parcels

Daily distributions of hot meals and food parcels with Refugee Community Kitchen and Calais Food Collective.

Non-food items & clothing

Regular distributions of tents, clothes, shoes, hygiene products and blankets with Collective Aid and Utopia 56.

  Firewood during winter months

The Woodyard delivers up to 7 tonnes of firewood a week to displaced people during the cold winter months.


Our primary objective is to provide emergency material aid to support people in exile. More than survival, we are fighting for dignity. However, our actions go much further. Our actions on the field also include:

  Information and access to rights

The InfoBus provides displaced people with access to information on their rights, services in Calais, internet connection, and to collect testimonies.

Outreach and emergency assistance

 Our partners at Utopia 56 run daily night and day patrols in Calais and Grande-Synthe, providing assistance to anyone in need.

  Child protection & youth services

The Refugee Youth Service provides legal, material and moral support to unaccompanied minors in and around Calais. 


As well as providing direct assistance to displaced people, our team works hard to protect their rights, and the rights of others, to affect real change in Calais. Our work includes, but is not limited to:

Protecting human rights

Through its Human Rights Observers (HRO) unit, the Auberge monitors respect for the fundamental rights of displaced people during expulsions and operations carried out by the police.

Legal advocacy 

L’Auberge des Migrants pursues inter-associative cooperation to carry out joint advocacy and legally defend the rights of displaced people and associations. 

Affecting change

We collaborate with other local associations to bring litigation on the living conditions of the exiles and to pressure the authorities to take appropriate measures.