L’Auberge des Migrants needs you!

Our association depends on donations to enable us to continue our humanitarian work in an independent manor.

Our main costs come from renting our warehouse, the salaries of 3 employees and the licensing and petrol for our vehicles. Thanks to donations and the ingenuity of some of our volunteer builders, we have been able to make our warehouse effective as a place of organising material donations into numerous categories, which allows us to respond better to the specific needs of migrants.

We are currently receiving subsidies from the city of Grande-Synthe, but given the political context, our ability to act independently is vital. In 2016, 90% of our operation was supported through donations from individuals.

The context, particularly in Calais, is uncertain. We are facing opposition from local authorities. In order to continue our work, we must be able to cover ourselves in legal terms, and be able to call lawyers to defend our rights, and those of the migrants.

Promote dignity

In all of our actions, we do our best to respect the dignity of our beneficiaries. For that, we make sure we don’t create tension or conflict at our distributions, we avoid long queues, we try to integrate the migrants into our actions as soon as possible and we always take into account their return. All of our volunteers who go to meet refugees have received training on how to be respectful of their private life and how to protect those most vulnerable. Although our teams are made up of volunteers, we have put in place professional structures to assure the continuity of proposed services to the migrants. Donations allow us to continue this approach: they give us the capacity to welcome enough volunteers to run distributions, to bring in translators for sensitive operations, but also to buy products that we don’t want to deny the migrants when we don’t have sufficient material donations. Donations enable us to avoid deficiencies and to ensure a certain stability.


Give to our organisation or support a certain project

To respond better to our needs, we are launching specific projects with participatory financing. All the funds are being looked for in France by L’Auberge des Migrants, and in Great Britain by our partnering associations. If you would like to, you can participate in a specific project, and/or support the general actions of our association.