L’Auberge des Migrants

How L’Auberge des Migrants hijacked Amazon for an unprecedented donation campaign

The crazy project led by our organization to raise awareness about the living conditions of displaced people in Calais and to collect donations

As this year 2021 begins, the exiled people we support in Northern France are facing particularly difficult living conditions. The winter weather, the coronavirus pandemic and the continuous hardening of the authorities’ eviction policy keep them in extremely vulnerable circumstances.

Our current supply of food and equipment will not be sufficient to cover the needs of the months to come. To alert public opinion and to help us respond to this emergency situation, we had to imagine an unprecedented way to call for donations.

How to make Calais no longer forgotten ? How to bring back awareness on the inhuman living conditions of the displaced people surviving in the area and get more support?

By helping these displaced people share their everyday life stories in one of the highest traffic areas of the moment : Amazon


We have decided to infiltrate the website and to hijack some of its main features. First, we have brought together a list of products that are most needed on the camps in Northern France, in an Amazon-type “wishlist”. Then, a dozen displaced people who formerly lived in Calais have posted “reviews” for every item of this wishlist, in which they comment on the living conditions in the Calais “jungle”.

A toothbrush, a tin can, a pair of underwear, a sleeping bag, and many other products…Every comment reminds us how much these everyday items – that could seem very common – can actually change lives, sometimes even save lives, and how much people who are still surviving in Northern France need them.

To discover these comments and these stories, check out our wishlist. In a single click, you can also order and deliver one of these essential items to our organization.

This is how we managed to hack the largest e-commerce platform in the world and turn it into a media, a means of expression and support for the displaced people of Calais.

This is how we hijacked Amazon.

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We want to thank everyone who helped us make this campaign possible.

Thanks also to our friends Riaz, Kaleem, Shakir, Atif, Mohamad, Nargis, Aziz, Fazulrehman, Abdulhadi, Ibrahim, Berihu for their trust and for their participation in this project. And thanks to Abdul Saboor for his photography which once again helped our operations.