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Association l’Auberge des Migrants, BP 70113, 62100 CALAIS Cedex


  1. Hello!
    My friend and I would like to volunteer for the next 5 days at the warehouse in Calais. We arrive this evening, do you have any suggestions of where to stay? We are happy sleeping in our car.
    Thank you!

    1. Hi,

      Unfortunately we don’t have anymore spaces to accommodate volunteers. All i can suggest you is to look up the youth Hostel or to book an airbnb.

      See you soon,

      L’Auberge des Migrants team

  2. Is it possible for donations from UK taxpayers to use the ‘Gift Aid’ facility so you can reclaim tax?

    1. Hi,

      In that case, we would advise you to give to our British partner Help Refugees. They are registered with Gift Fund, and if you mention that the money is for Calais, it will be used exactly as if the money had been given to us directly.

      Thank you for your support !

  3. Loan,
    One more question, I’m afraid. Do I come at 09.15 on Sun 7 May to the Warehouse or RCK, & can you give me their addresses, please?

  4. Loan,
    Thank you very much. That is all I need to know.
    Best wishes

  5. Hi.
    I’ve been accepted as a volunteer. I ‘m coming to Auberge des Migrantes for one day.
    I have some questions. Am I coming to Calais or Dunkirk?
    Can I stay in your accommodation? is it camping or in a hostel? Do I need a sleeping bag?
    Do you know what work I will be doing?
    I understand that I begin at 09.15. When does the day finish?

    1. Hello !

      You’r coming to Calais 🙂
      But we can’t provide accomodation for only 2 days.
      You will work with us at the warehouse and at RCK, and the day finish at 5 or 6 pm.

  6. Hello,

    After hearing the awful news about the fire at the Dunkirk refugee camp, I wondered if you know of any way I can help?

    I have some friends working for smaller organisations in Dunkirk but they get the impression that it’s going to be the bigger organisations like yourself, dealing with logistics.

    I’m happy to go out and help or do something from home. Whatever will be of most use.


    1. Hello,

      And thank you for your support !

      There are 3 ways to help us :
      Material donations :
      Financial donations :
      Volunteer with us :


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